15 Alternate Uses of Green Tea

Think out of the cup! There's so much more you can do with green tea than drink it. Consider it as recycling, minimizing expenditure of resources, or simply creating a success from the tea, but there are a selection of uses that go past the traditional.
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Here's our list of 15 alternate uses of green tea extract that will ensure that no used tea leaf ever would go to the waste bin again.

Anti-Bacterial Face Spray:

Steep a few tea bags inside a bottle of hot water with an hour. Strain and store inside a spray bottle. This spray will renew your tired, end-of-day face instantly.

Mouth Wash:

Then add sodium bicarbonate to some quarter cup of tea and swish it within your mouth for some seconds, just like a mouthwash. Studies have proven which it helps prevent dental cavities.
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Eye Cooler:

Reuse a used tea bag being a natural eye cooler after refrigerating it for some minutes. Close the eyes and put the tea bags on your own eye lids for some minutes and believe that exhaustion lift.

Anti-Inflammatory Compress:

Cool a second hand tea bag and use it like a compress to deal with sun-burnt, irritated skin. Utilize a warm tea bag to soothe a sty or even a mosquito-bite.

Tea Bath:

Fill up a cotton sock with tea leaves or bags and allow it to steep inside a bucketful of hot water. If the water is cool enough that you should bathe in, eliminate the sock and use it being a body loofah. Wash off in your deliciously infused bath water.


Green tea is renowned for its deodorizing property. Add dried leaves in your incense pot and burn it like your regular incense.


Dye your clothes or linen in tea leaves to acquire a natural light green tint about the fabric. Just boil it in water and strain. Soak the material for Thirty minutes and hang up to dry. In the event the desired shade isn't achieved, dip once more in the same water to obtain a darker shade.

Refrigerator Deodorizer:

Reuse tea bags by drying them in sun and putting a couple of bags within your refrigerator. This works equally well as sodium bicarbonate to fight bad odours from the fridge. You can also use it to deodorize your cat's kitty litter box.

Foot Bath:

Boil some used tea bags or loose tea leaves in water. Permit the water for cooling a little and soak a tired, smelly couple of feet on this aromatic foot bath for some minutes.


Burn dried tea leaves inside a pot to remove mosquitoes along with other flying insects. It is cheap, environment-friendly, and also functions as a deodorizer.

Acne Scrub:

Soak a teaspoon of tea in water and use it to clean that person. Not only will it bring a glow in your face, it will also help in minimizing acne along with other skin disease.


Reuse green tea extract leaves as a possible ingredient inside your DIY potpourri as well as other flowers and herbs. Or just put some dried tea leaves on the ceramic plate and place inside the smelly corners of your room.

Face Pack:

Add half a teaspoon of green tea extract powder to 1 teaspoon of honey and apply on your face. Let it rest on for 10 mins and wash served by hot water.


Soak used tea leaves in water for a few days. Strain it and pour it in the spray bottle. Utilize this tea water like a fertilizer.

Pillow stuffing:

Stuff some dried leaves in your pillow to get a soothing fragrant sleep time. Sun your pillow frequently because teas has a tendency to absorb moisture.